Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Second time around

Here we go again!

Though we announced this earlier in the year, we are on the list to adopt again!  YAY!

Lots of people have asked if it's much different this time.  The answer: YES!

To start with, we knew how the process worked and we knew who we were going to contact for our second adoption.  

So, we called Gerarlyn (our contact at Catholic Charities).  Since she already had all our information on file, the paperwork was minimal in comparison to last time.  So instead of four mountains of paperwork, we only had two. 😂  We finished the paperwork quickly and Geralyn was out to do our home study.  This was also a lot easier.  We have known Geralyn for four years and she just had to update our information.  There were no nerves on our part this time because we knew what was going on.  A few days later, we got word that our home study was approved.  Then, we started the most daunting part: our profile book.

How do you make a book marketing yourself and your family?  Not easily.  You want to make everything look perfect, but not fake.  Happy, but, again, not fake.  You want someone to look at your book and think "that's the family I want my baby to grow up in".  So, after several weeks of work, the book was finished and copies were ordered.

We sent copies to Geralyn and Alyce (who we got Alice from).  And now we wait.

If anyone reading this knew me before we adopted Alice, you know that the waiting part was nearly impossible for me.  I was an emotional wreck for a long time before we got Alice.

It is SO different this time.  I am NOT anxious.  I am NOT a nervous wreck.  I do NOT cry every night because I want a baby.  What I am is excited.  I KNOW it will happen.  And I know we will get the baby that is meant to be in our family.  

Thanks for reading, and thanks for caring. 💗

- Katie

"DNA doesn't make a family, love does." - The Fosters


  1. Katie, you, Mike, and Alice are a wonderful family and there is another little one out there coming your way. How exciting! I love your blog.

  2. We couldn't be happier or more excited to know this is what you choose to add to our beautiful family, Katie! We are behind you 100%. Oh, the waiting........ much love. the Mother-in-Law :)

  3. So happy for all of you! I’m glad things are going so well with the whole process. Yay, baby Malo #2!!!