Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Blog!

You know how on Facebook, it shows you your memories of what happened a year or two years or a billion years ago in your life?  Today, it told me that I wrote my first blog post a year ago.  So, I thought now would be a good time for an update.

There actually isn't much to say, but here goes.

I can't believe it has been a year since we started this process.  It's amazing how fast time goes, but also how slow it can feel when you are waiting on something life-changing to happen.  For a year, my heart has jumped every time my phone has rung.  For a year, I have been nervously checking my e-mail every chance I get.  For a year, I have been wondering, dreaming, and worrying about being a mom.  For a year, I have been watching person after person get pregnant and wondered when it will be my turn.  For a year, I have woken up every day wondering if this will be the day we get "the call".

It has been really interesting living in this constant state of not knowing.  

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was matched and took her baby home.  This happening to her and the message she sent to me after really renewed my faith in this whole system.  I was in a bit of a depression after not hearing anything at all for several months.  I see how happy she is, though, and I know that will be me soon enough.

It has almost been a year since our home study, and we just moved.  So, we have to do more paperwork! (Yay...)  We need to get two background checks, fingerprints, medical records, financial records, and updates from our references.  All of that expires after a year.  After we have filled out all the paperwork, Geralyn will come back out for a visit to our new house.  In the mean time, if someone chooses us, it won't stop the process or anything.  We would just have to do things quickly!

Since we are in a new (bigger) house, we actually have a room just dedicated to future baby!  This means we can turn it in to a nursery without dismantling a guest room.  Before school starts, I'd really like to have a nursery set up so that when we get the call, it is one less thing we have to be stressed about.

Thankfully, I have some great friends who have helped by supplying us with a car seat, baby monitor, boppy, hanging swing, play set thing...all kinds of things!  Of course, my mom gets us stuff all the time that will be really helpful when the time comes! =)  Mike and I are really lucky with some amazing family and friends who have been and continue to be so supportive during this process.  

There is one thing that I know for sure:  this baby will be loved by SO many people.

That makes me smile.

Until next time,


"DNA doesn't make a family, love does" - The Fosters

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